Stay cool in your own custom fiberglass swimmingpool!

Sundown Pools sells and installs long lasting low maintenance fiberglass swimming pools for less.

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One Piece Fiberglass Pools With Other Types Of Swimming Pools

Features Fiberglass Pools Concrete Pools Vinyl Liner inground Polls
Guarantee 25 years 1-5 years liner Seams Only
Maintenance Hous Per Week 1 Hour 8 Hours 6 Hours
Bank Acceptance Excellent Excellent Fair
Surface Smooth Rough Slippery
Time To Install 2 Weeks 6-12 Weeks 2-3 Weeks
Re-Painting, Plastering or Marciting Never 1-5 years Never
Quality Controlled By Factory By Installer By Installer
Type of Coping Non-Slip Fiberglass Concrete Aluminum
Steps and Seating Built In Optional Optional
Relocation Possibility Anytime Never Never
Drainage of Pool Never Yearly In Freezing Climates When Repaired or Replacement of Liner
Objectional Features None Expensive to Build and Maintain Liners Deteriorate; Easy to Damage

Quality fiberglass swimming pools you can afford by Sundown Pools.

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