Stay cool in your own custom fiberglass swimmingpool!

Sundown Pools sells and installs long lasting low maintenance fiberglass swimming pools for less.

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With Fiberglass pools being in production since 1958, there are many distinct advantages of owning a Fiberglass Pool.

Fiberglass Pools are the only permanant pools made - Fiberglass gets stronger every year!

  • Fiberglass never deteriorates.
  • Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete (flexible strength of 54,000 psi) and can flex a full 12 inches...movement that would destroy a concrete pool.
  • The color is molded in like formica counter tops and gives a durable finish.
  • Fiberglass pools carry a 25 year warranty against structural failure.

Fiberglass pools never have to be remarcited like concrete pools.

Fiberglass pools have smooth, non-porous walls that do not harbor resident algae and make cleaning wals 90% easier.

  • Less vacuuming time.
  • No marcite to brush.
  • No remarciting (plastering) as in concrete pools (at a cost of several thousand dollars).

Sundown Fiberglass Pools are built in a modern factory under quality control and supervision.

Sundown Fiberglass Pools are installed quickly with a minimum of disruption to your home.

  • Faster installation means less damage to backyard since we manufacture pool under factory controlled conditions on a precision mold where it is inspected for quality and not constructed in your backyard.


  • No more skinned knees, torn or snagged bathing suits.
  • Less chlorine means no hair discoloration or faded bathing suits.

Fiberglass pools may cost a little more, however the advantages will more than pay for the difference, every month, with lower chemical cost and less maintenance. All this means more pool pleasure!

Fiberglass pools have virtually made owning a pool a pleasure!

Quality fiberglass swimming pools you can afford by Sundown Pools.

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